Im like Robinson Crusoe, but in a house not an Island!

As 2012 is now well and trully underway so begins the rest of my life. The plan? Get a job of ANY sort then travel far and wide having many wild adventures. BOOM!

However their exists a problem. There are no jobs, I have a limited degree (2:2 Bsc Sports and Exercise Science) and I have more dedt than Greece, Spain and Ireland combined. In result I have decided to blog my attemps, trials and tribulations at raising the desired funds for the trip of a lifetime.

Firstly, It has to be said that I have the literacy skills of a deaf and dumb Polish Child. Let this be a warning, I cant write for shit! I have good reason though as my Primary School was infact a School for the dyslexic. It wasnt meant to be but we were so poorly educated it turned out to be the case. It wasnt helped by the fact that the School was situated in a rough council estate where core subjects were how to walk not run in corridor and who can keep a large class of children entertained while the teacher sniffs glue in the supply closet. Na, if I remember correctly I had a cold the day we did punctuation in Primary School.

Incidently, my poor level of English is another hurdle to overcome in my quest for a job. About two months ago I accidently sent a C.V entitled WANKSTAIN to a Sporting goods company in respose to a job advert. No word of a lie, I had to download my C.V from one computer to another and give it a name that would be easy to find when I searched the documents.  I never did hear back from them.

Hopefully my functional illiteracy shouldn’t be too big a problem as I will take any job going. The quest for a job is beginning. The only thing I can do is put in the time and effort and remain as optimitic as possible. I mean, there is only so much porn an unemplyed man can watch before it starts to cross the line from shamefull to the down right despicable!

The way i see it, if the person who has been styling Jedward for the past year is getting paid work then there is hope for everyone.

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